Three Days with a Leica M

I got to play with a Leica M (Typ 240) and Summicron 35mm f/2 lens over the last three days, thanks to Leica’s test drive program. With the Typ 240 sitting at around $6,600 and the Summicron around $3,200, the setup comes with a price tag that is difficult to justify. Nevertheless, being able to shoot with a Leica was a super unique and rewarding experience. Below are the photos I took over the past couple of days.

Day 0

First, mirror selfie!


Next, testing it out on someone else other than myself. :)

read study

Day 1

Couldn’t help but show off my new Leica during a dinner with my friends. Soup dumplings with friends are a lot more fun when you can photograph the moment!

deuces talk bless damn stare coffee laughs xlb noodz

Day 2

I’m thankful to have had Xianjie, my father’s classmate from college, invite me over for Thanksgiving dinner at his place during my stay here in Seattle. Below are some photos from during then.

smile pose laying instax grump cards

Day 3

Dim sum, boba, and being childish at the mall are pretty fun.

dimsum yungtea side 45 vroom poke climb

Finally, probably both my favorite and most poorly taken photo of them all!